Yahoo! Groups No More

Great news everyone. We have moved our mailing list from Yahoo! Groups to Why is this so much better?

First off, it is not Yahoo! based. With Verizon buying Yahoo, there is no telling what they will do with it. They have had two major security breaches in the past year, affecting 3 billion people.

The second reason, this is a real mailing list service. The best part… No Ads! We have changed the name. DFWDMR was created many years ago, but has since been opened up to the entire state. The DFWDMR name just did not fit the audience anymore. You can now find the group named DMRTexas. That fits us so much better. Thank you Jason, KC5HWB, for the behind-the-scenes work you put into this migration and overall, making our community stronger.

Rosston, TX DMR Repeater for Wide-Area Coverage

A new DMR Repeater has joined the ranks in North Texas, thanks to the DCARA club.

The small town of Rosston, located about half-way between Decatur and Gainesville, and carries a 2000′ tower for commercial TV use.  Hams have had repeaters on that tower for several years, mostly consisting of Analog machines, such as the newly deployed 224.200MHz with Allstar capabilities.

About 2 weeks ago, a project spoken of for the last year, finally came to fruition.  The new DMR Repeater is connected to an antenna about 1500′ up the tower, and  boasts of the coverage area on the attached image below.  The green area represents estimated HT coverage, while the yellow area shows mobile coverage.

The programming information is as follows, with the possibility of more talkgroups being added later:

440.6875 +5MHz offset, CC1
TS1 – DFW Metro (TG2)
TS2 – Texas Statewide (TG3148)