New Server

This website has been migrated to a new server. I moved the server from DigitalOcean to Linode. DigitalOcean has been great, but they do not have a datacenter anywhere near Texas and Linode does. I still would recommend them, but for what I needed, a New York based server had a little higher latency than I liked. The old server was starting to show its age and I was having some issues, so it was time.

The new server is now based in Dallas, has the latest and greatest hardware under the virtual server, and should be ready for the next few years.

If you find any little quarks or issues, please let me know so they can be addressed. There is a new drop down item on the contact page that will tag your message for me so I will see it quicker.

Chris, KD5HIY

July 2018 – New and Relocated Repeaters

We welcome the new repeater in Klein, TX. You can find the information on the Upper Gulf Coast page or here:
Klein, TX – 440.30000MHz, CC3 – TXGulfCoast – K5MAP.

The Colleyville, TX repeater has been relocated to the neighboring city of Hurst. It is now on a water tower that is just shy of 200ft. The coverage footprint has been tested and is showing to cover as far south as Burleson and as far north as nearly Denton. You can find the information on the North Texas page or here:
Hurst, TX – 443.26250MHz, CC1 – ChicagoLand – W5DMR


Easy CSV Resources

As we move on in amateur radio and new radios come to market, sometimes having to manually create contact list is painful. A new website found recently makes this easy. Marshall Dias, W0OMT has put together a website that allows you to easily make a CSV file with exactly the information you want.

You can download a contact list that has only US contacts, Worldwide, or trim it down to just your state only. You can find his website here: