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Texas Statewide

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We have two big nets on DMR in Texas. We have the DMR-MARC Texas Statewide Net and the BM TG 3148 Net. The DMR-MARC Texas Statewide Net has been in existence for nearly five years. This net is every Wednesday night at 7:30 pm (19:30) local one the Texas Statewide talk group. All are welcome to join. Most likely we are on NetLogger as well. We open NetLogger 1/2 hour before the net begins. Just open and join the Texas State DMR Net.

DMR Info Net

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The other net we enjoy in the Republic of Texas is the Brandmeister Talk Group 31648 Net. This net operates every Tuesday at 7:30 pm (19:30) local on the BM talk group 31648. All are welcome to join.

Texas Gulf Coast RACES Net


Texas Gulf Coast RACES NetTo be held on the South Texas TG 31482 Brandmeister

  • Date: Every 1st & 3rd Friday of every month
  • Time: 1900 hours / 7:00 pm local
  • NCS: Noel, KD5PMU

This RACES Net is for RACES members only. All stations not pertaining to Texas RACES are asked to please keep the TG clear while the RACES net is in progress. The purpose of this net is for RACES training exercises & emergencies.

Both of these nets take check-ins from all around Texas and oftentimes around the country. We hope to hear you there.

Texas Statewide Net Control Script

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