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Texas Statewide Net

Just as with other modes of operating, DMR has nets also. We enjoy a Statewide net each Wednesday night at 7:30 pm local on Texas Statewide TG 3148. The other big net on DMR is the weekly Worldwide Net. This takes place Saturday mornings at 11am, last approx an hour, and has people from all around the world checking in.

The Texas Statewide net usually lasts from 30-45 minutes and will receive anywhere from 30-50 check-ins. All are welcome and encouraged to join the net.

Net Control Stations:

Week Callsign Name
1 KC5HWB Jason
2 W5HK Steve
3 N5YEY Mark
4 WA5LEE Lee
5 N8WWR Romie
BACKUP Net Control
Kirc - N5XJB

Most Net Control Stations utilize NetLogger while running the net. This program allows all online users to see all the people checking into the net in real-time, live. Feel free to join us on NetLogger as well for the net! NetLogger opens up about 1/2 hr before the net begins.

You can download NetLogger at: for free.

For a brief video on how to USE NetLogger, Visit:WA5LEE's, NetLoggerBasics Video

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