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Welcome to the DMRTexas webpage. This is a central place to find information about our DMR repeater network in Texas. Each repeater in Texas is owned, operated, and maintained by individuals, or clubs in their local area.

Repeaters are sorted by area, then alphabetically on the specific page. The area pages are broken down into regions. You can see the regions on the Repeaters page. Find Simplex Channels information on the Simplex page, see the most Common Talk Groups in the state, or watch your activity on the CallWatch page. You can send database updates and new repeater information using the form located the Repeaters page

We are growing our list of codeplugs, and a group of volunteers writes, updates, and shares their codeplugs, to make life much easier, and quicker so you can get on the air sooner. We do have to major nets each week. There is the Texas Statewide Net each Wednesday at 7:30 pm (19:30 local) on Texas Statewide, CBridge talk group 3148.

On the right panel, you can search our site, request a digital radio ID, join our mailing list, find resources, and much more. You can send us an email using the Contact page if something needs to be updated, or added to the database.

We started this website in 2017, and we hope to add more information to this site for you to use, or reference as needed. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you find this site useful.

To get started, use the Search box above to quickly find what you are looking for.

Recent Event

DMR Tech Talk

We had a great time with the DMR round table recorded on December 16th. You can watch the recording on the DMR Round Table page found under the Resources page.

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