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This is a 100% volunteer-run and individually funded website with ongoing monthly expenses. If you would like to help with covering a little of the expense, a small donation would be very much appreciated. I refuse to put ads in our database because they pollute things and most ad blockers block them anyway.

Every penny donated goes completely towards the cost of website hosting, domain registration, and anything that the website needs to function.

There are less expensive or 'cheaper' options out there for hosting, but DMRTexas has had almost 100% uptime over the past year. Dreamhost has been very reliable. It was moved from a DigitalOcean VPS droplet ($130/year with tax) a couple of years ago, but it took more time and energy to maintain, doing everything myself (Chris, KD5HIY). Dreamhost handles all that backend stuff for me now, freeing up time for just a couple of dollars more a month.

Thank you for using this site for your DMR needs. It validates the contribution I am able to provide to the DMR community in Texas

-Chris, KD5HIY

Thank you to those that have helped contribute. In the past year March 2021 to March 2022, six entire months of hosting were paid and was renewed for another year using donations from generous supporters. Thank you to the following for your support:

Name Callsign Location
Thaddeus K5TVW Fort Worth, TX
Steve NU5D Gatesville, TX
Jonathan KF5ESV Gretna, LA
Edgardo KG5VFY Garland, TX
Jeff KF5AFJ Houston, TX
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