Change Log

This is our change log of new additions, updates, and site changes.

5/6/19KD5HIYUpdated/corrected information on the Horseshoe Bay 443.26250 repeater.
5/6/19KD5HIYAdded the Horseshoe Bay 2m DMR repeater to CTX and the Repeater page.
3/20/19KC5HWBViolet, TX 444.60000 repeater added to STX.
3/12/19KC5HWBDallas, TX 442.02500 BrandMeister repeater added to NTX.
3/12/19KC5HWBMcKinney, TX 442.57500 and 145.35000 BrandMeister repeaters added to NTX
3/10/19KC5HWBParis, TX Repeater added to ETX and Repeater pages.
2/22/19KC5HWBHaslet, TX Repeater added to NTX and Repeater pages
1/15/19KD5HIYLaredo, TX Repeater added to STX and Repeater pages
1/11/19KD5HIYBrazoria 8288 moved to TS1 on Alvin, Pearland, and West Columbia.
1/11/19KD5HIYListed Kemah as offline due to internet outage. Advised repeater will be moved.
1/11/19KD5HIYPasadena removed from DB.
11/25/18KD5HIYMinor PTT updates to Freeport.
11/18/18KD5HIYUpdated Freeport information on UGC page.
10/6/18KD5HIYAdded MDUV380/390 Codeplug to the codeplug page.
10/4/18KD5HIYAdded Lubbock 444.30000 repeater to the West Texas and general Repeater page.
9/26/18KD5HIYMoved Lubbock 444.68750 repeater from Panhandle to West Texas, modified repeaters page to reflect the same.
9/26/18KD5HIYModified Get DMR ID link to point to
9/25/18KD5HIYAdded new change log page.