July 2018 – New and Relocated Repeaters

We welcome the new repeater in Klein, TX. You can find the information on the Upper Gulf Coast page or here:
Klein, TX – 440.30000MHz, CC3 – TXGulfCoast – K5MAP.

The Colleyville, TX repeater has been relocated to the neighboring city of Hurst. It is now on a water tower that is just shy of 200ft. The coverage footprint has been tested and is showing to cover as far south as Burleson and as far north as nearly Denton. You can find the information on the North Texas page or here:
Hurst, TX – 443.26250MHz, CC1 – ChicagoLand – W5DMR


DMR Texas Amateur Radio Club

We have officially announced the DMR Texas Amateur Radio Club. This club is for those that love/enjoy/promote DMR in Texas and want to be apart of a group that is like-minded. Membership is free, and only requires a little bit of information. We welcome anyone that wants to be part of this new venture.

Check out the Club page here to see the Constitution and ByLaws, Board bios soon, and the Membership page.

We hope to see you there.

New Database Format

If you look through the database, you may start to notice a bit of a format change. Instead of sorting timeslots vertically, they are now sorted horizontally to ease referencing the information. We hope you like it. It is going to be a process due to the large amount of data we now house, but it will look much nicer. Check out the new format:

Arlington, TX - 443.40000MHz, CC1 - DilloDMR

Timeslot 1Timeslot 2
Talk Group NameTalkgroup ID (PTT)Talkgroup NameTalkgroup ID (PTT)
Local Repeater9North Texas Wide8205
Tarrant County Metro10Southern Plains3175
Texas Statewide3148Cactus3185
BM TG 3148 LInk9000 (15)
Updated: 6/3/20