Looking for Your Feedback

Jason and I work hard to ensure this website has the latest information available for all public DMR repeaters around the state. We have put a lot of time into presenting the information cleanly and orderly, but I want to know if there is something that can be done better.

I receive a lot of kind words from hams all over the state, and I am so thankful for them. I am also thankful to those that have helped contribute to the cost of operating this website (you know who you are, some listed, some not). If there is something we can do better here, please send me a note using the contact page or you can email me direct, I’m good on QRZ. Feedback is now the first item in the dropdown box. I believe we are a community of hams that enjoy digital voice communications, and if there is something that just drives you crazy here, let me know. I am happy to look into it and fix it. Hope to hear you on the air.

-Chris, KD5HIY

NTX Wide & ETX Wide Changes

Growth in DMR is good, but with it can come some growing pains. We needed to have a way to grow beyond the DFW Metro on talk group 2. Traditionally talk group 2 has been a local repeater use talk group. With more and more repeaters popping up around the state, routing talk group 2 properly without creating network collisions was becoming difficult.

A proposition was made by a group of about twenty repeater owners, CBridge owners, and general users, for a new talk group being created. This new talk group is named North Texas Wide, or NTX Wide shortened.

Our DMR friends in Houston have done one of the finest jobs at coordinating their own talk groups. We took a queue from them their talk group plan of Houston Metro being assigned 8207 and created the new NTX Wide on talk group 8205. Due to the growth issues on talk group 2, NTX Wide will be replacing DFW Metro soon. Many repeater owners have elected to either remove DFW Metro or keep it but assign it as a PTT talk group, meaning it stays silent unless activate, then has a short timeout timer on it.

The second issue that was proposed and accepted by those on the group call was the changing of ETX Wide to talk group 8206 from talk group 2 for uniformity.

So why does it have to be so complicated? It isn’t. Originally, the intent for both talk groups 2 and 9 were to be repeater local talk groups, not passing traffic through to the CBridge. This aligns us with the original planners’ ideas, but also organizes our talk groups to a more standardized layout in Texas. Long term, this will help us with organization and routing of the talk group to new repeater machines.

As of Feb 16, many of the repeater and CBridge owners have made the change to the new talk groups, and so users will need to update their codeplug(s) to reflect the changes in order to use the new talk groups.

If you are a repeater or CBridge owner and would like either of these two talk groups routed to your repeater or CBridge, you can contact Jason, KC5HWB, and he can route it to the necessary parties in order to have them added to your machines.

Summary of Changes:

  • North Texas Wide or NTX Wide created and assigned talk group 8205
  • East Texas Wide or ETX Wide reassigned talk group 8206 from 2
  • DFW Metro has either been removed from most North Texas repeaters or has been set as PTT and assigned a short timeout.
  • 8205 and 8206 are NOT routed to BrandMeister at this time.

– Chris, KD5HIY