Status Page Update

I received a notice from UptimeRobot that they will no longer support custom status pages on free accounts after May 5th, 2021. I am well below the 50 free monitors and do not need to pay for a Pro account since none of the monitors I have are critical.

If you have a direct link to the old page, change that to /status and that will redirect you to the same page without the pretty URL. The status tab above has already been updated to the new link and given a 301 redirect, which means it is permanent.

See the announcement below if you are interested in the details.

Dear UptimeRobot user,

We’re seeing an unprecedented number of Status pages created each week and it’s starting to cause some problems. Therefore we have decided to support custom linked domain Status pages to PRO plan users only.

The main reason is the huge load on our systems and the issuance and renewal of SSL certificates hitting several 3rd party service rate limits while slowing down the process of activating new Status pages significantly.

We still want to offer a lot of useful free services to our community and users, but we need to focus on quality and reliability too.

It’s OK, UptimeRobot, I ain’t mad at you. You are offering a great free service, so…

I hope to hear you on the air.

– Chris, KD5HIY

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