Round Table

In order to help DMR grow and at the same time attempt to have a bit of order in our day-to-day usage of it, we are looking at putting together a DMR round table. We hope to get a group together, about once a month, and have a discussion. The goal is to help new users and old users alike.

We hope to start with the basics of DMR, and work our way up from there.

As of right now, we plan to kickoff by using GoToMeeting or a Skype Conference. These both provide great quality and you do not have to install anything. Times will more than likely be on Sunday afternoons or evenings around 3 pm. I hope this turns out to be a high demand webinar once it kicks off.

The exact date and time will be announced here, on the Statewide Net, and DMRTexas mailing list and there will be a simple form below to submit as soon as we set some dates. Come and watch to see how it goes. It’s going to be fun.

Round Table Signup Sheet