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DMR Websites for Other States and Clubs

You can find links to different codeplugs here. This is an ongoing work in progress.

State Area Website Area Website Area Website
Alabama Statewide North Alabama North Alabama Repeater Association
Alaska Unavailable Unavailable
Arizona Unavailable Unavailable
Arkansas Statewide Natural State Xperimenters
California SoCal Papa System DMR
Colorado Statewide Rocky Mountain Ham Radio North Colorado
Connecticut Statewide CT-ARES DMR Network
Delaware Unavailable Unavailable
Florida Southwest ARASWF Fort Myers Fort Myers ARC
Georgia Unavailable Unavailable
Hawaii Statewide KH7MS Codeplugs KH7MS Codeplugs
Idaho Boise Idaho DMR Valley Wide REACT Team 4956
Illinois Chicagoland Chicagoland-CC
Indiana Statewide
Iowa Unavailable Unavailable
Kansas Statewide KS-DMR Kansas City D4D Codeplugs
Kentucky Statewide BluegrassDMR
Louisiana Springhill Springhill Amateur Radio Club
Maine Statewide Maine-DMR
Maryland Unavailable Unavailable
Massachusetts Statewide NEDECN
Michigan Statewide Central Michigan Emergency Network
Minnesota Statewide Minnesota DMR
Mississippi Unavailable Unavailable
Missouri St. Louis Area Missouri Digital Group
Montana Statewide DMR Montana
Nebraska Unavailable Unavailable
Nevada Sierra Nevada Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico Albuquerque NM5SH DMR Page
New York
North Carolina Statewide North Carolina SCHEART
North Dakota
Ohio Statewide Ohio ARRL Section
Oklahoma Statewide OK-DMR Norman, OK OK-DMR Codeplugs
Rhode Island
South Carolina Statewide South Carolina SCHEART
South Dakota
Virginia DMRVA DMRVA Statewide Virgina SCHEART
West Virginia
Wyoming Laramie
Updated: 10/1/2021

If there is something missing that you have the information for, Let me know here I so can add it.

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