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Canton, TX - 442.22500 MHz, CC1 - CBridge 2.0

Canton, TX - 442.22500 MHz, CC1 - CBridge 2.0
Timeslot 1 Timeslot 2
Talkgroup Name Talkgroup ID PTT Talkgroup Name Talkgroup ID PTT
Texas Statewide 3148 Metro 3175
Worldwide 1 Bridge 3100
North America 3 Brandmeister 3148 9000
Worldwide English 13 East Texas-wide 8206
TAC310 310 Local Repeater 9
Local Repeater 9
Updated: 7/6/2022 KD5KJZ


Canton Area Radio Emergency Services
Club Callsign: K5VZC

The C. A. R. E. S., formerly known as Van Zandt County Storm Spotters Group, is a 501(C)(3) organization and exists to connect those interested in learning about communications, weather, storm spotting, etc. It is open to all interested citizens. C. A. R. E. S. serves the National Weather Service Skywarn program via radio links during severe weather. We meet each Monday night on 147.280 Mhz if you are a licensed amateur radio operator, and also on the third Saturday of each month at the Van Zandt County Library at 9:00 AM for our regular communications club meeting and storm spotter training, both open to the general public. We can also assist you in getting your radio license(s).

K5VZC Club Facebook Page

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