New Database Format

If you look through the database, you may start to notice a bit of a format change. Instead of sorting timeslots vertically, they are now sorted horizontally to ease referencing the information. We hope you like it. It is going to be a process due to the large amount of data we now house, but it will look much nicer. Check out the new format:

Arlington, TX - 443.40000MHz, CC1 - DilloDMR

Updated: 7/25/18
Timeslot 1Timeslot 2
Talk Group NameTalkgroup ID (PTT)Talkgroup NameTalkgroup ID (PTT)
Local Repeater9Metro2
Tarrant County Metro10Southern Plains3175
Texas Statewide3148Cactus3185
BM TG 3148 LInk9000 (15)

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